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Did you know that Vizy comes with everything you need to develop and debug code via web a browser? You don't need to have a text editor, ssh client or other applications installed on your computer/laptop/tablet/phone to develop code. More significantly, you can develop code from virtually anywhere on practically any device as long as you have a network connection.

Here's what Vizy provides:

* A Multi-file, syntax-highlighting text editor * An _App console_, which allows you to see debug messages and use the Python debugger * A system shell, which allows you to run system commands * A Python console, which allows you to run Python commands

The Corner Menu

Probably the simplest way to access these utilities is through the Corner Menu.

You can also bring up the code associated with the current view by selecting the Edit item.

You can access them directly:

* Text editor is http://vizy.local/editor * App console is http://vizy.local/app_console * System shell is http://vizy.local/bash * Python console is http://vizy.local/python

If you are accessing Vizy over the Internet, replace http://vizy.local with the public URL.


If you go to http://vizy.local/editor you will be greeted with a + icon.

You can click on the icon and start typing filenames into the text box. As you type, you can press space or tab and you'll get autocompletions of files.

You can click on these files to open them or finish typing them and press enter.

Once the file is open, you will be presented with a fairly general purpose text editor. It will auto-detect the type of file you are opening and highlight the text/code accordingly.

If you want to open another file, just press the + icon again to repeat the process.

You can have multiple files open at the same time. Pressing the menu icon will show the sidebar and the files that are currently open.

To create a new file in the editor, just press the + icon and type the name of the file you want to create and press return.



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