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User Configuration

Vizy has a simple user-account system that allows the Admin user to create new accounts and set permissions. This is especially useful when your Vizy is configured for Web Sharing – it allows you to create accounts for others that restrict them from changing things like the currently running application, network configuration, etc.

There are three types of accounts:

  • Admin accounts have no restrictions. With Admin access you can change, fix, and reconfigure whatever you like, but you can also potentially delete the entire file system (yikes), so be careful.
  • User accounts can access Apps/examples, App Console, and System (information only) dialogs, but all other dialogs, shell, and text editor access are restricted. User level access is a good balance between being able to explore, but not being able to make any changes that could adversely affect things.
  • Guest accounts can interact with the currently running application only. Importantly, Guest accounts can't change the currently running application.

Default accounts

There are two default accounts that are enabled when you first receive your Vizy.

  • Username: admin, Password: admin, Admin access
  • Username: guest, Password: guest, Guest access

User dialog

To bring up the User Configuration dialog, select Users from the ☰ icon in the upper right corner (Settings Menu).


From the dialog, you have three choices:

  • Change the password or type of an existing account
  • Add user accounts
  • Remove user accounts


The operation of these is fairly self-explanatory. You will need to input the Admin password of the Admin account that's currently logged in for changes to take effect. This also means that User and Guest accounts can't change their passwords – they need to be changed by an Admin.

Account information

User account information is stored in /home/pi/vizy/etc/users.json – passwords are hashed/encoded. You can copy users.json files between Vizys if you wish to copy accounts.

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