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Getting started with the cellular network adapter

The cellular modem gives Vizy network connectivity when/where WiFi or Ethernet isn’t available. It has the following features:

  • includes a SIM card for a pay-as-you-go network provider (Speedtalk)
  • supports a wide range of 4G LTE bands, which allows it to be used in most countries
  • plugs into one of Vizy’s four USB ports either directly, or via the supplied “shorty” extension cable.

Hooking things up

  1. Begin by taking the cellular modem out of its box and removing the USB cap.

  2. Remove the cover by sliding it toward the USB connector as shown.

  3. Remove the SIM card from its carrier. Note: if you are outside the US, you will need to use a different SIM card. See the section below about using another SIM card.

  4. Slide the SIM card into the cellular modem as shown. There is a cut corner to indicate the correct orientation.
    Be sure that the SIM card is fully inserted as shown. image_375.jpg

  5. Plug the “shorty” USB cable into the modem.

  6. Plug the shorty cable into your Vizy's USB 3.0 (blue) port. Note: you can plug the cellular modem into your Raspberry Pi directly without the USB cable, but it will occlude at least one other USB port.

  7. Plug your Vizy into power and power it on.

Configuring the modem's APN setting

The modem is actually a tiny Linux-based system with 4G and WiFi capabilities running a little web server. Did you know that once you get things going, you can use it as a fully functional 4G WiFi hotspot? (See below)

You have a couple of options to connect to the modem and configure it:

Connect to it over WiFi: When you power on Vizy (and hence the modem), the modem's LED should start as blue/green, then turn red, then turn green. Shortly before turning green, you should be able to connect to the modem's WiFi network. The network name is 4GWiFi_xxxxxx where xxxxxx is some unique number. The password is 12345678. Go ahead and connect to it and point your browser to

Alternatively, you can Connect to it with VNC or by hooking a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to your Vizy: After connecting, bring up the browser by clicking on the image_367.jpg icon in the upper left corner of the desktop. Point the browser to

Once you have access to the modem's little configuration web server, follow these steps to set the APN:

  1. Within the browser, click on Wan in the menu bar.

  2. You'll be greeted with a login prompt. Type in admin and admin for username and password.

  3. Click on Wan again in the menu bar and then click on APN Profile.

  4. Click on New to create a new profile.

  5. Type Mobilenet in both the Profile Name and APN fields as shown below and click on Save. Note, this is if you are using the included Speedtalk SIM.

  6. Select Mobilenet from the list.

  7. Click on Set Default.
  8. You're done setting the APN setting.

Setting up a Speedtalk account

  1. Start by pointing your browser to speedtalkmobile.com and clicking on ACTIVATE.
  2. Type in the SIM card number. It's located on the SIM card carrier as shown below.

  3. For the service plan, select a BroadBand Data Plan 1GB per month or more depending on your preferences.
  4. You will then be asked for your billing and credit card information.
  5. When your account is ready you will receive a confirmation email from Speedtalkmobile.com.


Note, it may take an hour or so after you receive confirmation that your account is enabled before your modem can get on the T-Mobile network. You will know that your modem has connected when you see the blue/green indication shown below.


Your Vizy should then have Internet access via the cellular modem.

Using the modem with the outdoor enclosure

If you are using Vizy's outdoor enclosure, it's recommended that you mount the modem under the mounting bracket.

  1. Begin by placing the included sticky tabs on the bracket as shown.
    image_393.jpg image_394.jpg

  2. Add the included cable ties…

  3. And cinch them down on the modem.

  4. Plug the shorty USB cable in to your modem.

  5. Connect the shorty cable to your Vizy.

  6. You should now be able to close up your outdoor enclosure, starting by sliding the Vizy into the enclosure from the rear and attaching the back cap.

WiFi Internet hotspot

The cellular modem can be used as a 4G cellular WiFi hotspot. This means that you could, for example, connect your computer's WiFi to the cellular modem and get on the Internet via the modem's 4G connection. This is possible as long as the modem is receiving power and is able to connect to the 4G network. So you could, for example, bring a USB power-pack and the cellular modem and have a WiFi Internet hotspot.

To use the modem as a hotspot, make a WiFi connection to 4GWiFi_xxxxxx where xxxxxx is some unique number. The password is 12345678.

Note, you can change the WiFi password by accessing the modem's web server – point your browser to while you are connected to adjust the various settings, including passwords.

Using a SIM from a different carrier

The modem supports several LTE frequency bands, making it suitable to be used in most countries. In particular, it supports LTE FDD Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, and LTE TDD bands 38, 39, 40, and 41. It's not locked to a particular carrier, so any carrier that supports one or more of these bands should work.

If the carrier has an APN setting, use the section above to set the APN on your modem.

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