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Vizy I/O

Vizy has a terminal block connector that gives you lots of I/O possibilities with high-current output for controlling motors, solenoids, relays, lighting (and even sprinkler valves!)


  1. Ground
  2. 12V: software controllable on/off 12V source at up to 4A.
  3. 5v: software controllable on/off 5V source at up to 4A.
  4. B0: bit 0 input/output, can sink up to 1000mA
  5. B1: bit 1 input/output, can sink up to 1000mA
  6. B2: bit 2 input/output, can sink up to 1000mA, serial output
  7. B3: bit 3 input/output, can sink up to 1000mA, serial input
  8. Ground

Hooking things up

Using the terminal blocks with Vizy is easy!

  1. Start by opening the clamp (loosening) the screw in the terminal block. Use the screwdriver that came with your Vizy. Note, the Vizy screwdriver is reversible. One side is phillips, the other side is standard. You want to use the standard side.
  2. Insert the wire into the opening.
  3. Tighten the screw.
  4. Repeat for other wires.
  5. Insert the terminal block into Vizy.

Using with software

The Vizy applications such as the birdfeeder application use specific pins of the I/O connector to control things such as lights, motors, relays, and sprinkler valves.

If you wish to control the I/O signals with your own code, check out the Power Board API.

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