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Line 176: Line 176:
 [{{wiki:​p1000667_result.jpg}}] [{{wiki:​p1000667_result.jpg}}]
 +And don't forget to plug the terminal block into Vizy. 
Line 192: Line 195:
 </​Code>​ </​Code>​
-You can then turn trigger the solenoid with:+You can then trigger the solenoid ​(open shutter) ​with:
 <​Code:​python>​ <​Code:​python>​
 power.io_write_bits(1) power.io_write_bits(1)
 </​Code>​ </​Code>​
-then turn off with:+and turn off (close shutter) ​with:
 <​Code:​python>​ <​Code:​python>​
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