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Accessing files on Vizy via local network

You can access Vizy's files from your desktop or laptop as long as Vizy is on the local network (WiFi or Ethernet). This uses the SMB/CIFS protocol, which is supported by Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OS,

Accessing from Windows

Accessing Vizy's view directory from a Windows computer is simple – just bring up a File Explorer window and type in \\vizy.local


Type pi and raspberry for your name and password.


You'll then have access to the pi home directory.

Accessing from MacOS

Access Vizy's view directory from the Finder. Click on Go in the menu bar at the top of the screen, then select Connect to Server. Enter smb://vizy.local


Type pi and raspberry for your name and password.


Select the pi directory to access its contents. If you have trouble connecting, this page describes some configuration steps, such as enabling file sharing on your Mac.

Accessing from Linux

Accessing a SMB share from Linux varies depending upon the distribution. Ubuntu machines have a File Manager that allows you to easily set up access to SMB shares.


Consult the documentation for your Linux distribution for how to access SMB shares. Or you can typically mount an SMB share by typing the following command into a shell:

sudo mount -t cifs //vizy.local/pi /mnt -o username=pi,password=raspberry

Where /mnt is the mount directory (the directory on your local machine where you'd like to access Vizy's files.)

Accessing from Chrome OS

Most Chromebooks support network file sharing through the Files app. Others require the Network Files Share Application. You want to add an SMB file share with hostname vizy.local and share name pi. The name and password are pi and raspberry.

Changing the password

The SMB server is configured to use the pi username only. Changing the password can be done from a shell. Bring up a shell by clicking on the ☰ icon in the upper right corner and selecting Shell. (Please refer to the getting started guide if you need help with connecting to your Vizy, etc.)


From within the shell, type sudo smbpasswd pi, which will change the password for the pi account.


If you're using Windows, you'll need to reboot Windows, as it will maintain a connection context if you've connected with the old password during the current boot cycle. You will also need to reboot Vizy to restart the SMB server, or alternatively type sudo systemctl restart smbd into the shell.

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