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Configure Vizy to connect to your local WiFi network

You can have Vizy connect to a WiFi network of your choice – for example, your home WiFi network. In order to do so, first connect to Vizy using option 1 or 2 in the Getting Started guide.

Once you've done this, bring up the WiFi config dialog by clicking on the ☰ icon in the upper right corner of your browser and selecting WiFi. (Make sure your browser is pointing to vizy.local!)


And select Connect to network


Select the network you want Vizy to connect to, enter the network password and click on Apply. Vizy will then attempt to connect using the credentials you supplied.

While it's attempting to connect, Vizy's button will change colors. If Vizy is successful, Vizy will beep with a high pitch, which sounds like this:


If it's unsuccessful, Vizy will beep with a low-pitched double-beep and then re-enable its network for you to reconnect and try again. The unsuccessful double-beep sounds like Vizy is a bit annoyed (we think):


This is where things can become potentially confusing: at this point, whether Vizy was successful at connecting or not, you've likely lost your network connection to Vizy. This is because you used a WiFi connection to reconfigure WiFi – in other words, you've sawed off the branch you were sitting on. But it's OK – we told you to do it!

If you were using the wired network, you didn't lose your connection. But assuming you're using WiFi to configure WiFi, continue below.

If you received a successful beep, it's recommended that you power Vizy down and back up again to help your computer deal with the identity change that Vizy just experienced (vizy.local has changed networks and changed its IP address!) Power down by holding down Vizy's button for 5 seconds until you hear the low-pitch beep. Vizy will then power-off safely. When you power Vizy back on, it will try to connect to the WiFi network that you just configured. You will know that it makes a successful connection when you hear the high-pitched beep (success!)

After this, Vizy will always try to connect to this network every time Vizy starts up. You should be able to communicate once again through your browser pointed to vizy.local. You may need to refresh your browser after Vizy reboots, however.

If you received an unsuccessful double-beep, just reconnect to vizy-xxxx as you did before and perhaps make sure that you used the correct password, etc., or try another WiFi network.

When things go wrong

If Vizy isn't able to connect to the WiFi network that you choose, Vizy will fairly quickly revert to access point mode so that you reconnect and try again. That is, you should be able to see the vizy-xxxx WiFi network that you can connect to.

But things can still go wrong if say, Vizy successfully connects, but you're unable to communicate with it for some reason (e.g. problems with the network, etc.) When this happens, you need to power up Vizy into safe mode.

Safe mode

Booting Vizy into Safe mode will force Vizy into access point WiFi mode. In other words, Vizy will not try to connect to a previously configured WiFi network.

To boot Vizy into safe mode, start with your Vizy powered off, but plugged into power. Instead of pressing the button momentarily to power your Vizy on, press the button and continue to hold it down. After a few seconds, you'll see the LED start to blink. The LED will turn red and turn off, turn red and turn off, and repeat as long as you hold down the button. If you release the button when the LED is off, Vizy will boot normally. If you release the button when the LED is red, Vizy will boot into safe mode. See the video below.

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